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Your nose is one of the most noticeable facial features. If it appears too large, has a bump on the bridge that detracts from your appearance, or has a long tip, a rhinoplasty (nose surgery) can resolve it.

Whether the appearance of your nose is the result of genetics, or you have had some type of trauma that affected nose shape, we can help. Are you embarrassed by the size or shape of your nose?

We have the skill and experience to create a more beautiful profile that looks completely natural. Once the procedure is completed, and healing is done, the results can be dramatic.

Dr. Morrissette Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

Defining Rhinoplasty 

Rhinoplasty is performed to correct irregularities in the nasal bridge, tip, or nostrils and can also improve breathing as a side benefit. During surgery, excess cartilage and bone may be removed to create a more elegant, balanced nose that is harmonized with the other features. Clients typically undergo rhinoplasty when they feel that their nose doesn’t match their face, when they’ve experienced injury or trauma to the nose, or when they wish to look more youthful. Dr. Morrissette can tailor the procedure to your unique goals, producing a natural-looking outcome that boosts your confidence and quality of life.

How Does Rhinoplasty Work?

You will be given IV Sedation for the procedure. To achieve the profile that balances your facial features, the skin of the nose is separated from the underlying nasal anatomy. The nose is reshaped into a more attractive profile, and the skin is replaced over the newly created nasal anatomy. The incisions are typically inside the nose to avoid visible scarring. There may be a small incision made in the junction between the nose and upper lip when the nose must be narrowed. Some patients choose both rhinoplasty and chin augmentation surgery to achieve a more attractive facial balance.

Rhinoplasty Ventura and Santa Barbara

Facial Harmony Achieved with Rhinoplasty

When your nose is shaped correctly, it adds beauty and balance to the face, and creates more facial harmony. It requires a genuine understanding of facial structure and artistry to get a natural, balanced look that enhances the beauty of the facial features. In all facial surgeries, there is more involved than merely surgical training - the doctor performing your surgery must have an eye for beauty, as well as the ability to work with existing facial anatomy to achieve the most aesthetically appealing outcome.

Every person is different, as well as the shape and size of the nose. Some may have nostrils they believe are too large, a nose with a bulbous tip, or that is very wide at the top, all of which can greatly detract from the beauty and appeal of the other facial features. Rhinoplasty can bring all of the facial features into harmony.

Your nose will naturally feel "stuffy" after surgery, which will continue for a few weeks. The discomfort associated with rhinoplasty is usually minor, and easily managed with the medication prescribed by Dr. Morrissette. It is common to experience bruising around the eyes, which slowly diminishes and disappears. The swelling associated with surgery may take a few weeks to completely dissipate. Rarely, a very extensive surgery may not achieve the full beneficial effect until six months have passed, when all swelling is finally gone.

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A More Pleasing Profile with Rhinoplasty

Dr. Morrissette has a unique ability to create a natural-looking result, and a nose shape that enhances and balances your other features. He is not only a cosmetic surgeon - he is Board Certified in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery and has served as a facial trauma surgeon for over 20 years. His understanding of facial structure goes above and beyond the ordinary. You can trust him to work with you to create the profile that will match your facial features, and look completely natural, making your front-facing and profile appearance far more appealing. Call now.

Dr. Morrissette Facial Cosmetic Surgeon


How Do I Know What my Nose Will Look Like?

Dr. Morrissette will craft a custom surgical plan for how your refined nose will look after surgery and healing. Dr. Morrissette is an artist who has a unique understanding of facial balance and beauty and achieves remarkable results with nose reshaping surgery

How Long Does it Take to Recover?

Each procedure Dr. Morrissette performs is tailored to the unique needs of that patient, and the recovery time varies. As a rule, you will want to plan two weeks away from work or other activities. You will be able to resume your exercise routine two to three weeks following a nose job. As the swelling goes down your new, more balanced and attractive facial appearance is revealed.

What are the Risks of Rhinoplasty?

Like any surgery, rhinoplasty has some risks – but complications are very rare, and this surgery is performed with safety and care by Dr. Morrissette. Worries about risk should not deter you from decision to achieve a more balanced facial appearance. You can be assured that we adhere to the most stringent patient health and safety protocols and employ the most advanced medical technology.

What are the Limitations of Rhinoplasty?

It is important to have realistic expectations when you undergo any surgical procedure. The structure of the nose is very delicate and must be approached with equal measures of skill and care. Working with the underlying structure of your nose will allow Dr. Morrissette to sculpt your new nose and achieve a an aesthetically-balanced result that greatly enhances your facial features.

What Will be Expected of me to Get the Best Results?

The most important thing you can do to get the best results following your rhinoplasty is get plenty of rest. Staying hydrated help your body heal. You need to avoid bumping or jarring your nose during the healing process, so the newly-shaped structure heals properly.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

According to the American Society Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of rhinoplasty is $5,125. This does not include expenses like the anesthesiologist’s fee or surgical center expenses. Expenses for rhinoplasty can vary depending various factors, but the final price is usually between $5,000 and $10,000. For a custom quote, we invite you to visit with us, so we can evaluate what needs to be done to resolve the issues about your nose that make you less confident.

Your first step...

Your first step is to come to our office and meet with us about what you hope to achieve. Dr. Morrissette is involved in creating a natural looking result, and never recommends surgery when it isn't warranted, or won't benefit the patient. We proudly serve all of Ventura County, including Oxnard, Camarillo, Ojai and Santa Barbara. Call today to schedule a free consultation with us.

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