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Juvederm: Rediscover Youthful Radiance

No one wants to look old, but, sadly, lines and wrinkles that form around the nose and mouth can add years to a person’s appearance. Vertical lines around the lips, nasolabial folds (from the nose to the mouth corners), and marionette lines (from the mouth corners to the chin) are common but very visible signs of aging.

Fortunately, in the right hands, non-invasive dermal fillers make it possible to look younger and longer without surgery. Lip injections can fill in lines and depressions around the nose and mouth that make the face look older – and they can also be used to give you plumper, fuller lips.

What Is Juvederm?

Juvederm is a group of cosmetic dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid, a natural component of the skin, the presence of which begins to decrease over time. Hyaluronic acid is a biodegradable substance that can be broken down by the body naturally and yet produces long-lasting results. Our Santa Barbara facial fillers add volume and deliver hydration, causing the skin to appear smoother and suppler. They can be used to fill in depressions, such as lines and wrinkles, to give the face more youthful contours, and for the popular cosmetic procedure of lip injections in Santa Barbara, Ventura & Oxnard.

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How much do lip injections cost?

Juvederm lip injection treatments typically range from $200 to $1,625, with an average cost of around $750.

Lip Injections Santa Barbara

The Full Visit:  Lip Filler Juvederm Vollure XC by Dr. Michael Morrissette in Ventura

What Does Juvederm Do?

Juvederm injectable gels can provide instant, natural-looking results, which makes it ideal for lip augmentation Santa Barbara.

With Juvederm® XC Injectable gel, Dr. Morrissette can fill in moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, including:

  • Nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the mouth)
  • Lines at the corners of the mouth
  • Marionette lines (from the mouth to the chin)
  • Lines above the upper lip

This is how Dr. Morrissette can create some of the best lip injections, resulting in that youthful, plump, healthy, and natural-looking lip augmentation you are looking for.

Are There Any Risks? 

Any medical procedure, including injectable treatments, carries certain risks. The likelihood of experiencing complications with Juvederm or other dermal fillers is quite minimal when the treatments are given by a highly trained, experienced professional, such as Dr. Morrissette. 

Risks or serious side effects from Juvederm are generally the fault of inexperienced or unprofessional practitioners. Errors that can be made include injecting Juvederm into a blood vessel unintentionally and similar mistakes. 

When you’re in the hands of a highly trained professional like Dr. Morrissette, the risks are usually very minimal. The most common side effects from Juvederm include the following:

  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Lumpiness
  • Minor swelling or bruising
  • Itching

Who Is a Good Candidate For Juvederm? 

Juvederm candidates are those who aren’t looking for a surgical procedure, but would like to reshape, rejuvenate, plump and enhance their natural beauty. Candidates for Juvederm would like a short, easily-experienced treatment and are willing to get touch ups about twice a year to maintain the most ideal results. 

Ideal Juvederm candidates should meet the following requirements: 

  • Would like to sculpt, define or reshape their facial features, including plumping their lips,
  • and/or would like to improve the appearance of mild to moderate lines, wrinkles and creases
  • Are in good health generally
  • Do not smoke
  • Have realistic goals about what Juvederm can accomplish
  • Are at least 21 years old 
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have no active rashes, outbreaks or similar skin concerns
  • Are not allergic to any of the ingredients in Juvederm
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Other Juvederm Benefits

Juvederm® XC is also a good choice for lip augmentation Santa Barbara. This product can be used to fill in the lip itself and the perioral area (the tissue around the mouth) for fuller, plumper, more youthful looking lips.

Voluma®, the latest Juvederm dermal filler, is designed to restore volume in larger areas of the face. Loss of volume in the cheeks over time can give the face a hollowed, gaunt appearance. By plumping up the cheeks, Juvederm Voluma® can give the face more youthful contours. It can also be used to give the jaw line a firmer shape.

Our Ventura Juvederm injections cause minimal discomfort and down time. However, some swelling and bruising is to be expected, which could last up to seven days. Many of our patients are able to resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

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Dr. Morrissette is the best! I've been going to him for Botox for the last couple of years and I am so thankful for the magic he has worked on my face. People stop me ALL THE TIME and ask how old I am because they can't believe I'm old enough to have kids that are their age or be the owner of my business. When I tell them it's Botox they can't believe it, they think it looks so natural. He is a perfectionist and it shows! Last visit I also had him do lip injections. It was so easy and I'm obsessed with the results! I can't believe how natural they look while still adding a new fullness. I LOVE IT! He used Juvederm and it was painless and fast. I love the staff and the office is gorgeous! Bright and lovely inside! His surgical team is sweet, funny and well informed. They always answer all of my questions and know how to make me feel relaxed and at ease.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Michael Morrissette?

Dr. Michael Morrissette has a keen artistic eye and achieves truly beautiful results in administering injectable dermal fillers. Our Oxnard lip fillers are a delicate procedure which must be performed carefully, correctly, and in the right quantity and location. As acclaimed cosmetic surgeon, he has skills and experience beyond the ordinary. A sought-after speaker on facial cosmetic surgery and a true authority in his field, you can expect beautiful results. Whether you’re looking for a subtle enhancement to your lips, or a more dramatic change, Dr. Morrissette can help you achieve your vision.

Dr. Morrissette Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

Juvederm Lip Injections in Ventura & Santa Barbara

We always function with the greatest safety for the patient in mind, and each member of our surgical and administrative staff is trained to contribute to a safe and successful experience. Dr. Michael Morrissette is a cosmetic surgeon with a background in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The entire focus of his practice is on the face.

We provide Juvederm injections and other cutting-edge cosmetic treatments in the relaxed environment of our safe, modern facility. If you are interested in Juvederm treatments in Ventura County for a more youthful facial appearance or fuller lips, call our office for an appointment.

Dr. Morrissette Facial Cosmetic Surgeon


What Happens After the Injections?

Our Santa Barbara Juvederm injections cause minimal discomfort and down time. However, some swelling and bruising is to be expected, which could last up to 7 days. Many of our patients are able to resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

What Happens If I Don’t Like the Result with Juvederm?

One major advantage of Juvederm dermal fillers is that they are reversible. If you would like to change anything about the results of your treatment, discuss it with Dr. Morrissette when you come for your one-week post op appointment. He has the ability to dissolve any unwanted filler using a reversal enzyme known as hyaluronidase.

Lip Injections

The lips are one of the most alluring facial features. Plump, attractive lips can be a dramatic enhancement of your natural beauty. If you inherited less full lips, or they are thinning due to the natural aging process, lip injections can provide a non-surgical option for lip enhancement for a full, voluptuous pout. Dr. Michael Morrissette’s understanding of facial beauty and balance makes him the best choice for lip enhancement.

What are Lip Injections?

Lip injections are a simple, easy way to receive a more appealing pout – when performed correctly. Through a series of carefully placed injections, Dr. Morrissette can sculpt plumper, more youthful lips. Thinning lips and smile lines can add years to your appearance, but modern aesthetics makes it possible to create more natural allure. When you are seeking to enhance the size, shape, and overall look of your lips or want to reduce and smooth lip lines, Dr. Morrissette can help.

What are the Benefits of Lip Injections?

Lip injections can do wonders to heighten the beauty of your facial features. There is a delicate balance that should exist between the upper and lower lip, with the lower lip being slightly more prominent providing a natural pout. Lip injections can not only enhance lip size, but can achieve the following: Enhance small lips, correct lip asymmetry, smooth lip lines and help create a more appealing overall facial look

What are the Best Dermal Fillers to Use for Lip Injections?

Dr. Morrissette uses Juvéderm injectables for lip augmentation. These hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers work with the natural building blocks of your own skin to plump lips and reduce lines and wrinkles around your mouth. Hyaluronic acid has an amazing capacity to attract moisture, providing natural-looking volume and fullness. Juvéderm Ultra XC brings natural-looking lip volume, and Juvéderm Volbella creates a subtler enhancement, and works to soften the appearance of vertical lip lines.

How Does Hyaluronic Acid Work?

Hyaluronic acid is an almost miraculous part of you’re the structure of your natural skin. It works to deliver nutrients, hydrate, and add cushion. Unfortunately, with age, the body stops producing as much HA. The Juvéderm line of HA lip fillers are made from non-animal, stabilized hyaluronic acids, and are the filler of choice for a subtle lip enhancement that looks and feels soft, plump, and natural.

What Can I Expect During my Lip Injection Procedure?

Lip enhancement is performed in the comfort of our comfortable Ventura offices, where our entire staff is focused upon providing the most positive patient experience. Dr. Morrissette will perform a series of tiny, strategically-placed injections to your lips to add volume and fullness. A topical numbing cream may be applied to ensure your complete comfort during the procedure. Your non-surgical lip augmentation can be performed in less than 30 minutes, easy to fit into a busy schedule. Your friends may not know exactly what is different about your look, but will notice you look younger, renewed, and more attractive.

What is the Recovery Like?

Since lip injections are a minimally-invasive procedure, there is no downtime required following lip enhancement. You may experience some mild swelling or bruising at the injection site. This is temporary and should subside within a few days. You should avoid alcohol, vigorous exercise, or any pressure on your lips (sorry, no kissing) for 24 hours following lip injections to allow the filler to settle into place.

Your first step...

Your first step is to come to our office and meet with us about what you hope to achieve. Dr. Morrissette is involved in creating a natural looking result, and never recommends surgery when it isn't warranted, or won't benefit the patient. We proudly serve all of Ventura County, including Oxnard, Camarillo, Ojai and Santa Barbara. Call today to schedule a free consultation with us.

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