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Dr. Michael Morrissette brings a unique set of surgical skills to cosmetic facial surgery. With an extensive background in oral and maxillofacial surgery, he has over three decades serving as a cosmetic, reconstructive and trauma surgeon. His cosmetic surgery practice is focused exclusively upon facial procedures, and his experience and deep knowledge of facial beauty and anatomy has given him skills and a level of artistry that are above and beyond the ordinary.

Dr. Morrissette is Board Certified in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and his knowledge and experience bring his abilities in facial surgery to a higher level. Facial balance is a critical aspect of attaining a natural-looking outcome, and he takes all the time needed to develop a treatment plan to achieve the result his patients envision, whether they are seeking a younger appearance or want to correct a facial flaw.

In 2018, Dr. Morrissette became a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS). The American College of Surgeons (FACS) is the largest and most prestigious organization of surgeons in the world leading the way in optimal patient care, surgical research, and education. The ACS was founded in 1913 and is a unifying voice for surgeons of all specialties.

The FACS designation signifies that the surgeon’s education and training, professional qualifications, surgical competence and experience, and ethical conduct has undergone a thorough evaluation and found to be consistent with high standards established by the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Morrissette

Dr. Morrissette is a sought after speaker in cosmetic surgery, and travels nationally and internationally to present on varying topics in facial cosmetic surgery. He has traveled extensively in South America to teach courses in cosmetic surgery and cleft surgery to other surgeons.

As a member of the Ventura County Cleft Lip and Palate for over 20 years, Dr. Morrissette has gained a wealth of knowledge about facial aesthetics. Dr. Morrissette continues to treat children born with cleft lip and palate and is extremely committed to this area of practice. There are approximately 50 new cases of cleft lip and palate born in Ventura County each year and most find their way to the Ventura County Cleft Lip and Palate Team.

Dr. Morrissette feels compelled to help as many children born with this congenital disorder as possible in order to enable them to lead a normal life and have a near normal appearance.

Cosmetic surgery must be performed with ultimate attention to detail, and with the safest surgical practices. Dr. Morrissette is focused upon performing facial surgeries that give the patient a natural-looking result, and he brings experience and technique to every procedure. You can trust Dr. Morrissette and his surgical team to provide you with personal care and attention, and that your surgery will be performed by a leader in the field.

Dr. Morrissette was recently the president of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery for 2022-2023. The goal of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery is to provide education to its members in order to assure optimal and safe patient care in the field of cosmetic medical and surgical treatment. In addition, the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery is recognized by both the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Morrissette Featured in the official publication of the AACS

Dr. Morrissette Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

Learn what makes Dr. Morrissette different

The Morrissette Difference

State-of-the-Art Facial Surgery Center in Ventura County

Our office has the newest state-of-the-art equipment, and Dr. Morrissette is personally committed to staying at the forefront of any advances in surgical procedures specific to the face. He employs the least invasive surgical techniques for faster healing and reduced potential for scarring. His innovative approach to facial surgery, coupled with his extensive background, attracts many patients from all over California other states.

Achieving a natural result is exceptionally important in facial surgery. Your face is your "calling card," and the first thing others notice about you. Facial surgery should be performed with attention to detail in order to achieve a result that leads to a natural looking appearance. You want compliments without looking like you had a cosmetic surgery procedure. That takes true talent and artistry.

On a personal note, Dr. Morrissette travels to Central and South America as a volunteer to perform surgeries on children in third world countries, and to train doctors in the area in these procedures. He also enjoys playing ice hockey, wake boarding, boating, and water skiing, as well as riding his Harley down the PCH, and sharing his free time with his family.

Dr. Morrissette's Humanitarian Efforts

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Your first step is to come to our office and meet with us about what you hope to achieve. Dr. Morrissette is involved in creating a natural looking result, and never recommends surgery when it isn't warranted, or won't benefit the patient. We proudly serve all of Ventura County, including Oxnard, Camarillo, Ojai and Santa Barbara. Call today to schedule a free consultation with us.

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