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Reconstructive Facial Surgery

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Dr. Morrissette is one of the few remaining oral and facial surgeons performing reconstructive facial surgery in Ventura County. When a patient is born with a congenital facial deformity, it is often necessary to perform reconstructive surgery. This surgery can also be performed after a traumatic injury or previous surgery. In either case, Dr. Morrissette will perform your surgery using the most accurate technique called Virtual Surgical Planning. This involves using a cat scan of your face and skull to recreate the surgery on a three dimensional model on a computer. This information is then sent directly to a modeling machine to fabricate surgical guides that will be used for your surgery. Having performed this surgery the traditional way for many years, Dr. Morrissette believes these latest advances in technology provide a significantly more accurate result!

Extensive Experience in Facial Trauma Surgery

Dr. Morrissette has spent over two decades as a reconstructive surgeon, and has an exceptional degree of experience and knowledge in this area of surgery. Whether the face has been damaged due to impact, such as a vehicle accident, or a person has been born with a facial congenital anomaly, speak with our office about setting up a consultation for reconstructive surgery. We pride ourselves on our thorough treatment planning process, patient safety and in achieving results that look as natural as possible.

Resolving Serious Facial Damage

Dr. Morrissette's experience in facial trauma is very extensive, and he continues to serve at the Ventura County Medical Center for facial trauma cases that arrive at the ER. Facial trauma can be the result of a vehicle accident, a fall, a sports injury, an assault, or a range of other situations in which the facial bones or facial tissues are seriously damaged. Correcting these problems takes a high level of skill and expertise. Your physical condition and appearance should be evaluated at our practice as the first step in facial restoration.

Experience Above and Beyond the Ordinary

As a cosmetic facial surgeon, Dr. Morrissette has extensive training in all facial cosmetic surgery procedures. His residency program was one of the first residency programs to incorporate facial cosmetic surgery as part of their training over 25 years ago. In addition to this training, Dr. Morrissette spent 3 months on the plastic surgery service to specifically gain more experience in cosmetic facial surgery. In order to keep up with the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Morrissette trains with other prominent surgeons all over the country several times a year. Dr. Morrissette is well-qualified to evaluate your case and advise you about what can be done to help you restore a better appearance. If your case is unique and requires specialized treatment, Dr. Morrissette may refer you to a cosmetic surgeon that only specializes in that area. We are committed to performing facial surgeries that gives the face a balanced, natural look. When the facial skin, muscles, or bone structures have been affected by aging, it may require several surgeries to bring about a better appearance. Every case is different and we urge you to come in for a consultation.

Your first step...

Your first step is to come to our office and meet with us about what you hope to achieve. Dr. Morrissette is involved in creating a natural looking result, and never recommends surgery when it isn't warranted, or won't benefit the patient. We proudly serve all of Ventura County, including Oxnard, Camarillo, Ojai and Santa Barbara. Call today to schedule a free consultation with us.

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 View Update Virtual Consultation


The COVID-19 epidemic has created unprecedented circumstances for our community. Our practice has been paying close attention to the guidelines put in place by the government and the CDC and we want to reassure you that, as always, your health and well-being is our primary concern.

With this in mind, we are offering virtual consultations to patients via face time, however face-to-face in office consultation are still available. To schedule a virtual consultation or in office consultation call our office at (805)-214-4034.

Please know that we are constantly updating our services and staffing according to the local and national recommendations and doing our part to make sure that you are protected.

  • We continue to exercise all the latest recommendations that are handed down by the CDC. Our preventative measures include:
  • Fully training all staff members to understand the disease process and its modes of transmission.
  • Asking all staff, vendors and ancillary personnel to refrain from coming to the office if they have any signs or symptoms of a cold or an upper respiratory tract infection.
  • Asking every patient to refrain from coming to the office if they have any symptoms and inquiring about any pertinent travel history.
  • Hand-washing, as this continues to be the most important mode of prevention. Although it is something that we have always constantly done, we are now doing so with heightened vigilance and attention.
  • Constantly sanitizing all surfaces (which we have always done as an accredited facility). However, we have now increased this routine and are wiping down all surfaces, desks, door handles, keyboards and restroom facilities multiple times each day.

Although Covid-19 is a serious issue, we strongly believe that it will pass and hopefully make our infrastructure and our ability to deal with pandemics in this country even better than it currently is. We are closely monitoring this situation on a real-time basis and will update our practice’s guidelines as needed to protect our patients.

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